Victor Nowoselski

My intention is to provide a safe, therapeutic environment that fosters personal growth, with collaborative support that is open, honest, genuine, and respectful.


The mystery of all endings is found in the birth of new beginnings. Our human capacity to develop is infinite. I believe in the resilience of spirit. I have witnessed what others may term as “a miracle” in those who were simply given a safe environment, support, and guidance in order that they can meet their needs.

I am deeply honored and privileged to work collaboratively with people who courageously strive for change. People who have lived with love, hate, life, death, pain, suffering, joy, hope, and all of life’s diversities; yet seek greater experience, wisdom, personal growth, and self Identity.

I have worked with many organizations, agencies, and support services, providing a wide cross-section of services to a variety of community members that have come from different cultures, backgrounds, and various stages of change. My personal and professional passions are counselling and workshop facilitation, with particular focus on Suicide Prevention, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Grief & Loss, Addictions, and Healthy Relationships.

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