“The community has surely been blessed with your fantastic work, dedication and commitment to holistic wellness and will be greatly missed. I’ve not said before, yet I always think and value the work and time you invested in our time of need.”

“Victor is one of those rare beings who harmonizes the deep offerings from psychology, heart, intuition and energy.  His skills, expertise and wisdom are firmly grounded in experience, education and compassion.  If you are on a personal journey of transformation, he is the guide I would recommend.”

“I just wanted to pass along my sincere appreciation for the wonderful facilitation you conducted during the ASIST training this past weekend in Victoria. It was both educational and inspiring, and your nuanced approach to such an important topic was profoundly effective.”

“My work with Victor Nowoselski was aimed at providing Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (A.S.I.S.T), to members of a First Nation community on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

What I appreciated most about working with Victor is his true, genuine and compassionate personality coupled with his wisdom and professionalism. Victor strives to ensure his teachings, counselling and interventions are clear and understood. He is receptive to feedback and will alter his therapeutic approach to the meet the needs of the individual(s) he is helping. Victor practices from a client centered approach with a focus on outcomes and practical skill attainment that will facilitate growth and change for an individual’s chosen path. He displays a deep and genuine care towards all he encounters both personally and professionally.”