Anger Management (Tiger in the Tank)


This workshop takes a hard look at anger, its definition, and the immense effect it has on our lives. Anger is not a mistake. Anger is an emotion. Every emotion has a result directly related to our well being.

It is not the emotion that has an effect on your life. It is the behavior to that emotion that can have an immense impact on your life.

Lorrainne Bilodeau, (1992), defines anger as “an internal reaction which an individual learns to name, to an external event”. Anger is about an experienced injustice that sets a pattern of learned behaviors or habits into motion.

This workshop is a 10 session workshop that can be tailored specifically to your needs. Topics that will be covered are:

  • Session: 1 Personal Assessment of Anger
  • Session: 2 Understanding Anger
  • Session: 3 Behaviour and Anger
  • Session: 4 Grief & Loss
  • Session: 5 Jealousy
  • Session: 6 Changing Your Experience of Anger
  • Session: 7 Communication & Setting Boundaries
  • Session: 8 Relationships
  • Session: 9 Relaxation & Meditation
  • Session: 10 Closure – Graduation