Grief & Loss (Griever’s Gift)


In the picture, the griever stands cloaked, looking at the river amidst empty and full cups at his feet. The river represents life and his future, the spilt cups represent what once was, and the full cups represent what remains in his life at the present moment.

This workshop takes a heartfelt look at grief and loss, its definition, the immense effect it has on our lives, and how it is directly related to our well being.

Loss is defined as, “the permanent or temporary removal of an important object, person, or event, or failure to achieve a coveted goal”. (Van Gulden and Bartels-Rabb, 1997).

Our loss does not necessarily have to be the loss of a loved one and our grief certainly is unique to the individual.

Each person’s grief is unique based on factors such as their relationship to the object, person, event or goal, personality of person(s), their coping mechanisms, world views, personal values and beliefs, attitude towards life, history of losses, and personal/societal expectations.

Grief is legitimate, unique, is neither right nor wrong, and needs to be compassionately honored by the individual at their own comfort level and pace.

This workshop can be tailored specifically to your needs. Topics that will be covered are:

  • The Mourner’s Bill of Rights
  • Anticipatory Grief Manifestations
  • Seven stages of grief
  • Response to Grief
  • My loss inventory
  • Shame, Guilt & Fear
  • Balancing Grief
  • Control
  • Rights of Passage: Funerals and Rituals
  • Coping with grief
  • Seven Levels of healing
  • Self Care
  • Relationships Change
  • Support Network